My Top 5 Ways to Print and Preserve Your Wedding Photographs


With technology advancing the way it does, it's understandable why photographers and their clients are going the way of digital images on DVD or USB. But one day, even these technologies will be considered old news. Remember the floppy disk? I think people call them "coasters" now, and the DVD is quickly catching up to that trend.

In my firm opinion, there's really only one sure way to preserve your wedding photographs, and that's through PRINT!

Prints will always be there, you can always touch them, hold them, and FEEL them. It truly exists (and not in some "cloud" floating above our heads that we can't actually see).

So here's my top 5 suggestions for ways to print your wedding photographs that are sure to make everyone who attended your wedding (and that includes you), over the moon happy.


1) Send out thank you cards

This is a fast, inexpensive way to share your wedding photos with the ones you love who attended your wedding. It's always nice to thank people for taking time for you - so on your thank you card, share a photo or two from your day. Your guests will be happy to see what you were doing for those three hours you left them while you were getting your photographs taken.

If you've ordered digital files from your photographer, or they don't offer thank you cards, you can use an online program. They make it very easy to customize and print your own cards with a simple upload of your wedding image.

Amanda and Kurtis recommend WEDDING PAPER DIVAS but you can also check out SHUTTERFLY and VISTAPRINT (they print in Canada - yay)


2) Make some good ol’ 4X6 prints

There's no shame in a good ol' 4X6 print. I grew up on these things, taking my 35mm cameras to the local drug store for development and now I have beautiful boxes of 4X6 prints in my closet. Yes my closet. But they're there, and when I want to see them all I have to do is lift the lid off and BAAM instant memories. And maybe one day I can hand the box to my grandchildren so they can see how silly I was "back in the day"...I guess the photos will probably be considered vintage by then...*sigh* how quickly the time goes by.

Just because a 4X6 is small doesn't mean it requires less attention than a large wall print. You don't want these babies turning yellow on you in a matter of year, so PLEASE (actually begging), do NOT print your photos at Wal Mart or Costco.

For drug store prints, you're best off going to London Drugs. But for a professional, archival "will last forever and feels amazing to the touch" kind of print, visit TECHNICARE IMAGING - you'll have to do some dirty work and sign up and download a program, but it'll be worth it. This is where I get my professional prints from and I've never been let down.


3) Give Photo Books to friends and family

Being in the bridal party, and even more so, a parent, is a BIG TASK when it comes to helping and supporting the couple to be plan their wedding. Lots of money is spend and hours upon hours go into planning events for the couple, making sure they feel extra special and supported by their "chosen ones". It's also a great opportunity for them to dress up fancy and show off that $300 dress they were asked to purchase (with good reason, of course). Chances are, after getting pampered, spending money on a suit and tie, a dress and heels, make up, hair, belts etc, your parents and bridal party will want photographic evidence of how smoking hot they were looking on your big day.

You mean the world to your closest friends and family, and that's why they've been there with you through the whole wedding process. So thank them, with an album or book of photos showcasing the awesome moments you shared with them that day, and guaranteed they'll love you even more for it.

If you're wanting to make your own photo book I highly recommend BLURB. It's a Canadian company that I've been ordering from since 2006. They have beautiful paper options and are inexpensive! Bonus!


4) Hang some wall art

If your photographer is awesome, and they probably were, they will have taken photographs of you that can be used as gorgeous wall art.

The best thing about wall art is that it's an every day reminder of how awesome you are, and the memory of that exact moment on your special day. Now that's pretty sweet!



5) Have a custom album made to last

In my opinion, the most meaningful thing you could do with your wedding photos is to create (or better yet, have your photographer create) a wedding album. Making a photo "book" is popular and a less expensive option, but it won't last the test of time. Albums are solid and most companies offer archival photo paper pages. This is why forking out the moolah and asking your wedding photographer to create a custom design, and order through a trusted professional company is the best way to go. It's an investment no doubt, but one day you'll look back and be thankful you have something to show for your amazing wedding day. The love you felt when you said "I do", the laughs you shared, the look on your grandmothers face when the speeches got a little inappropriate...don't you want that to look back on forever? I know I do.