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Those hot pink shoes! I remembered them from our engagement session with Nathan and Amie in Calgary and thought of what a statement they made.

Well, Nathan and Amie’s whole wedding was a statement, and SO MUCH FUN!

It was the last wedding Alexander of Ivenkaye Photographics and I would photograph together under the name Ivenkaye Photographics. We used to work together and have separated businesses as I moved away from Kelowna and back to Edmonton.

Photographing Nathan and Amie’s wedding was bitter sweet and an awesome experience. They were so welcoming and we definitely felt like part of their hilarious crew by the end of the night. We had some time to dance and Nathan and Amie made sure we were taken care of the whole day. We had lots of time for photos, and even a little time for laying around (maybe you saw that photo on Instagram of the couple laying in the grass)?

All in all the day was amazing and it was almost hard for us to accept that the day had to come to an end. We could have partied all night with this group.

Nathan and Amie, thank you for taking such good care of us, and being so welcoming from our first skype meeting to the very last moments of your wedding day…and even beyond that! I loved getting printed mail in the mailbox from you - how sweet.

You two will without a doubt have a fun, adventurous, and spontaneous marriage. Your reception was filled with surprises and kept everyone on the edge of their seat.

Alexander and I wish you all the best and a very happy marriage. And thank you again, so much, for having us as your wedding photographers.

Lots of love.

Amy and Alexander

dress - novia mia calgary

flowers - edgy petals

suits - moores

rings - ben moss // peoples

hair - natasha borthistle

make up - melissa craven

ceremony - eldorado rooftop

reception - eldorado hotel

videographer - tanya zhang

dj - rob mason brown