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I’ve always been a little nervous photographing weddings for people I have a good friendship with. Alex and Miriam were no exception. If anything, I was most nervous photographing their wedding because Alex and I have worked together since graduating photo school in 2008 - there’s just a little bit of expectation there that I’ll do a good job. Fortunately, I had the amazing Javier Salazar photographing the wedding with me - a good friend of the couple to be.

Alex and Miriam, your wedding was the sweetest. Enjoying a lunch reception at Miriam’s parents house and being able to take photos on the property where she grew up couldn’t have felt more like home. Miriam, the love your family shares is contagious. And Alex, having one very special guest at your wedding made the whole event that much more important and meaningful. It was all about the love and happiness between the two of you, and that sure shows through in your photos. I love your dancing photos the most. There’s so much emotion in your faces.

Thank you again for having me photograph your very special day.

Lots of love


hair and make up - cream hair and make up lounge

ceremony - our lady of lourdes - catholic church

flowers - shelly brown

evening rectption - westbank community centre

decor - lori koutsantonis

second photographer - javier salazar photography